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Patrick M. Watson

Based in Boise, Idaho, USA


I am a multidisciplinary artist residing and working in Boise. My primary focus is non-narrative short video. Since 2007, I have co-produced an art blog called The Kreation Korner which serves as the chief platform and context for my work. My videos are mostly authored under pseudonyms -- Chris Peebles, Cube A. Sick, The Kreation Korner -- or are unattributed.

I am interested in cities, pockets of nature in and around cities, cramped-feeling indoor spaces, distorted found sounds, disorienting close-ups of stuff, movement, jarring cutaways, tension between contrasting things (light/dark, life/death, fast/slow, discernible/obscure, soothing/anxiety-inducing, etc), establishing and subverting patterns, fun with titles, transitions, and editing, buildings, water, trains, and cats.

If you like my textures, moods, rhythms, or my whole aesthetic in general, please feel free to contact me if you want to utilize my material, my skills, or just want to talk. 



Mitternachtskino - Frankfurt am Main, Germany - Aug 2011

ghosts & projectors. a poetry reading series. - Boise, Idaho, USA - Apr 2014



The Volta - Tucson, Arizona, USA - Feb 2014

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